Expression Of Feelings And Expression Of Desires

We humans live in a society in a mutual relationship and cooperation with everyone. Every human have certain sets of relationships where they invest time, value and love. They have their feelings, desires and expectations. And each of these investments differ from person to person. So in order to maintain the bond and cherish the relationship we have to express what we feel about the person, what is our expectations and our desire. The most important thing that leads either to accomplishment or failure is how we express our feelings and desire. Now what is feeling? Feeling can be best expressed as the mental and emotional connection of us with our partners. Feeling is what comes to our mind when we see them , when we talk about the person and about the bond that we share. Desire can be explained as fulfilment of wishes. Wishes can be materialistic, sexual, values or emotions. Let’s assume the bond between you and your parents. What comes to your mind when you hear the name of your parents. The emotions that rushes in your mind is your feeling. Desire is what you want from them and their bond with you. It can be their time, love or any toys for you.

Now , let’s see the difference in expressing these two human values. When we express our feelings to our loved ones, our friends and to anyone we attach a our emotions with it. Like when we Express the our feeling to life partner we express our love for them, our concern, care, thankfulness to have them in life. When we express our feeling of anger there is a attached emotions of hatred, hurt and pain. Feelings can be expressed by using objects and postures that are helpful to prove your words. Like I Love U with a red rose in hand and on bend knees is more effective and influential.

Expressions of Desire sometimes may turn up attached with emotions sometimes as a want with no strings attached. For instance, when we desire for someone’s time we have a attached emotions of love, affection and need. When we desire for a pen it’s just random desire that would help us to write.

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